Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This blog is going to be about those shitty shows you see on TV that are called "reality" when in fact they should be called "Advanced Game Shows". There is nothing REAL about douche bags living in a house or on an island with cameras on and doing "challenges". Since when would u and a roommate live together, then all of a sudden, get a letter on your door from your landlord stating you and your roommate MUST dress as the village people and go down town and try to collect money for Gay Rights. And if you didn't you would get kicked out. Pretty sure that hasn't happened to me. although i might have gotten a similar note saying if i dont pay $700 by the 1st, i can start looking for other places to live" Ive been watching NBC lately and ive seen these adds for this "SHOW" and im using that term SHOW very LOOSELY because its called "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" Funny because when i saw the add on TV, i didnt see ANY "celebrities". I seriously thought it was a joke show, since i was watching conan when i saw it. Then during the commercial break i see an add for it AGAIN....im like no FUCKING WAY this is a REAL SHOW?!?!?!???? SO i went to NBC.com and saw it was one of NBCs new shows in their line up! WOWW SO i clicked on it, and i shit u not, this is the cast of "Celebrities" that are given:

Heidi Montag
Janice Dickinson
John Salley
Lou Diamond Phillips
Sanjaya Malakar
Spencer Pratt
Patti Blagojevich
Stephen Baldwin
Torrie Wilson
and finally,

Now, ive HEARD of some of these people and based from THIS "lineup" of people ive NEVER heard of 4 of those people. NONE of these people have done ANY movies (well maybe except for Stephen Baldwin, but when the FUCK did u ever go "oh yeah that movie with Stephen Baldwin was fucking EPIC! if you did his role was VERY small and it was well over 10 years ago which hardly qualifies this douche has a celebrity) Now lets break down this list of people. (btw, i had to WIKI like 60% these people to find out WTF they where in or are "FAMOUS" for)

Heidi Montag- stupid ass blond broad on this FAKE tv show called THE HILLS that everyone knows is SCRIPTED and not a REAL "reality show" (this person isnt a celebrity, since this show is FAKE)

Janice Dickinson- An Ugly ass old broad who ironically has been on a show called Americas Next Top Model and judges woman who are more then half her age to say if they are models are not, when SHE herself looks like a fucking DEAD FISH trying to breathe that last breath of air after its been caught. (this person is not a celebrity by being able to tell if other woman are models are not)

John Salley- This guy i actually USE to like, hes a former NBA basketball player and use to be on a show called "BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD" which was really good. (this person doesn't qualify as a celebrity because all this guy does is sports shows, and use to play for the NBA.

Lou Diamond Phillips- guy was popular in the 80s and 90s for TV and shitty movies....yeah maybe if this was the 80s or 90s he COULD qualify as a celebrity, but its 2009, so um.....NO

Sanjaya Malakar- All this guy is known for is being a REALLY shitty singer on American Idol a few seasons ago and somehow got 7th place due to fuck faces voting for a terrible person as a joke. And shitty i really mean absolutely terrible. Like if this guy where to sing in front of Record Label excecs, they would want to have who ever gave this guy a microphone murdered....Saprono Style. This guy gets my vote as "THE FUCK OUTTA HERE" for a celebrity.

Spencer Pratt
- again, ANOTHER guy from this stupid ass show called THE HILLS, a FAKE reality show that is scripted and the acting is terrible. BTW, if u ever watch this AWESOME TV show on E! called THE SOUP, this fella Spencer gets made fun of CONSTANTLY just about EVERY episode and is known for his "Creepy Flesh Colored Beard" NO NO NO and NO as a celebrity

Patti Blagojevich- Wife of a former CROOKED politician Rod Blagojevich, you know that stupid cock face that has a wig that looks like the ass end of a skunk?!! HOW IN THE FLYING ASS COCK is this stupid cunt even REMOTELY considered as a goddamn CELEBRITY!!!??!!! jesus H christ!

Stephen Baldwin- ummm yeah enough said

Torrie Wilson- apparently shes famous for being on WWE. I dont watch wresting. SO i guess she was popular in the early 2000s then did a shoot for playboy. Oh yeah that DEFINITELY qualifies her as a celebrity. The ONLY reason she was on WWE is cuz shes got a GREAT body, is blond so all the little boys watching could get a hard on and would tune in to watch just for her. NEAT. yeah super, any dumb fucking broad can do that

Frangela- Anyone know? i really have no idea....i tried to wiki this broad said she does comedy and was featured on that show BEST WEEK EVER....u know...shit thats on VH1....VH1 a Reality show channel that USE to compete in the 80s and 90s with MTV playing these things called umm... MUSIC VIDEOS. for you people that where born in the late 80s and only remember MTV...the VH1 stood for "Video Hits #1" oh and on a side note......MTV actually stands for "Music Television" they need to just change that to RSTV, or STV, meaning Really Shitty TV, or Shitty TV. Last time i watched MTV, Carson Daily was Hosting this VIDEO show entitled Total Request Live. aka TRL

Well there u have the "STARTING LINE UP" of complete non-celebrities. This show should actually be called one of 3 things:
"Im NOT a Celebrity, GET Me Off TV!!"
"Im NOT a Celebrity, NO ONE CARES!"

FYI, NBC is the LAST PLACE network, and putting THIS on TV, executives think people will watch this?! Well....im sorry....thats my fault, this is america.... 90% of Americans are fucking retarded and have an IQ lower then their shoe size. So if its on TV people will watch it.....i just dont fall into the 90% i fall into the 10%, and if your reading this....im putting YOU into the 10% as well cuz you prolly know me perosnally and have common sense ;-)

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