Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Remember......

Alright boys n girls this isnt going to be my traditional blog, in fact you wont even see ONE CURSE WORD here....yes REALLY! This is not going to be about "my crazy life" and this posting actually has nothing to do with me being mad ticked off or even anything to do with me. I wrote the following based on what it was like to live back in the good old days and comparing it to what things are like now......and this is why i chose the title "I Remember" so you can go back to when things where simple and care free. So here you are, enjoy and reminisce:

Alright everyone take a look over here
Stand up and put down your favorite mug of beer.
I'm gunna take u back to the good ol days
Back when u were Rockin leather jackets like happy days,
And players hit real home runs like willie mays
I Remember when there was no CGI
Bad guys got away scott free without CSI
Watchin miami vice after dinner eatin,
Then learned a lesson from alex p keaten
I remember Disney made good flicks like aladin and the lion king
No american idol where everyone thinks they can sing
TV was actually worth your prime time
And it was cool to get on nickelodeon for that gooey green slime
Movie effects where done very poorly
But everyone wanted to be like funny cop axel foley
U didn't wanna be runnin from COPS singin BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS...
Less u thought they where will smith n martin lawrence from BAD BOYS
You went to bed with a buddy named glow bug
U didn't have baggy pants wantin to be a hardcore thug
Because you had Teddy Ruxpin and lite bright
tellin girls "come dream with me tonight"
Everyone had the famous block called lego
And the hot phrase was "hey lego my ego"
Ill even take u back to the after school snack
Twinkies and the round fruit roll ups
Drinkin kool aid outta party cups
Remember JD Roth on Fun House,
And the American Tail of a talkin mouse?
Well go back in doc browns time machine
Fighting crime like a mutant teen
And wantin to paint your face green
I liked the days of no 360 or PS3
U in cally and I'm in PA!?
Dag dude, aint no way that we can play
You had to invite your friend over the traditional way!
If u got kids u always have to say
"Well back in my day.."
If you where rich u had the Zack Morris cell phone
And no one had the hottest ring tone
If u wanted to hook up u actually had to have game and meet at your place
No options to just go on myspace
And end up stranded on 1st base
Cuz her picture wasn't even her real face!

Let's fast forward to the current race
High School reunions are going to be obsolete,
Old bully from high school finds u on facebook, just hit delete.
Aint no real reason to actually meet!
iphones and blackberrys make everything a lot more easy
But at the same time can make a grown man sleazy
Like textin teens tryin to get em out they dress
Amazing how u can get out of a traffic mess,
Break out that trusty slick GPS
type in the address u even get corrections
No need to ask pizan for bad directions!
Blockbuster is doing some shady tricks
Gettin put outta business by online place called Netflix
Watch the latest movie with 3 easy clicks
Would u like to show an old friend a picture?
No problem, just upload it to a site named Flickr
This option makes it a heck of a lot quicker
You just found out your boss is making u work late and can't watch your favorite tv show,
not a problem cuz that's why someone invented TiVo
Enabling you to watch prime time on your own dime.

Ghotbusters used to be the best exterminator,
Now california has its own terminator
Unfortunately this aint the movies and there is no john McClain
Twin Towers got hit, and thousands of people where slain,
Friends and families couldn’t deal with the suffer and pain
Innocent people saying their last words on that airplane
People still have bumper stickers that say I Remember
For that tragic day back in September
I remember when the president had no concept of politics,
Because this entire country has fell like a ton of bricks
We now have a guy who can finally understand,
Hopefully tryin to get the terrible back in hand
Its like the great depression with this economy,
People with no work is a crazy tragedy.
Even people who do have great jobs,
Might end up in that infamous “meeting with the bobs”

And it seems heaven sent we now have a black president..... who's making very smart CHANGES and REARANGES
Even Back in '96 tupac said he wanted "changes"

"We gotta make a change. Its time for us as a people to start makin some changes. let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live, and let's change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't workin so its on us to do what we gotta survive "

I don’t see how a guy named weezy calls himself “the best rapper alive”
This guy is worse then a bad skit on Saturday Night Live.
I remember when Hip-hop had true meaning and you could always relate
Id rather not listen to anything in its current state
I hope you rappers go away faster then an episode of elimidate.

I didnt write this to be famous but more to inspire
Not trying to be big and build an empire.
Just wanna be remembered for something before i can retire.
And just before I head to the big place in the sky,
Just want to let everyone know even they can get a good piece of the pie.
All you have to do is work hard, and do the best you can and give it a try.

There it is. I hope people can keep the spirit of "i remember" alive. If you liked what you read and thought i was good...please give me your input, i greatly appreciate it. THANKS!!!

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  1. I think you did a pretty good job writing this poetry. i enjoyed reading it. Keep it up. :)